There are many interesting things in Kymi. First and foremost a simple walk “so without a program” reveals to the visitor an important provincial center with its own unique architectural style that keeps in spite of the times several elements from its rich historical past. Not a few old houses, some of them carefully restored, that impress. Details such as the elaborate ironing of the balconies, the bruises (lower parts of the balconies), the inscriptions, etc. Emphasize this valuable historical – aesthetic dimension.

Among these buildings are the Town Hall and the Folklore Museum, the old mansion of the Karavopoulos family. In the Folk Museum, which is considered to be one of the best of its kind, the visitor can see unique artifacts, mostly woven and embroidered, from the time of the great financial prosperity of Kimi in the 19th century. Also, a complete range of local costumes and various traditional utensils.

Other attractions in Kymi. The church of Panagia Liaoutsanissa in the South The end of the town is of particular interest, as the iconostasis and the pulpit are works of the marble sculptor from Tinos, John Chalepas, the genius of Giannoulis Halepas. In the metropolitan church of Saint-Athanasios, one can admire the elaborate golden-chested functional epitaph of the 14th century, which a few years ago was also exhibited in Athens under the “Athens – Cultural Capital of Europe”.

Outside the town of Kimi the Monastery of the Transfiguration of the Savior, probably founded in the 15th century, offers the visitor the moments of mercy and serenity. Just a short distance from this we find the already ruined medieval (or Byzantine) Castle of St. George. Very close to Kymi there is the thermal spring of the Chounoutikos, whose water is famous for its beneficial effect on the cases of kidneys.



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